JulianThe Julian Fuchs
Memorial Foundation,Inc.

Spartanburg  SC  USA

Our mission statement:
To educate the public about the dangers of heat to small children to prevent tragic accidents resulting in injury or death of children, and to warn about the almost unknown hazard of parked cars to children.

We hope that with more information and better education senseless deaths like the one our son died can be avoided. He died because we did not find him in time and nobody else knew where he had gone .. and noone suspected a parked car in the neighborhood as a danger to his life !
If we only had known then what we know know our son most likely would be still alive !

We have a Public Service Announcement which was produced with the help of
Channel 49 SC ETV in Spartanburg SC
and the Media Group of the Boiling Springs SC High School Class of 97.
We would like to thank everybody for their help and involvement !

Any help in getting this important PSA "On Air" is greatly appreciated!!!

If you have any information in regards to this or questions please write to us:
     Julian Fuchs Memorial Foundation

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