Julian's Links

For those of you that have experienced a death in your family, here are some valuable resources to find information and maybe help.

And you are always welcome to write to us:

     Julian Fuchs Memorial Foundation

The Compassionate Friends

Kids'n Cars Organization


Life After Death

Baby/Infant Death - SIDS Network

Childrens Health Links

Helping children cope with loss and grief

George Anderson Grief Support

Dannion.com / Compassion in Action

Beyond Grieving

Study of Excessive Temperatures in Enclosed Vehicles


We have a Public Service Announcement which was produced with the help of
WRET TV Channel 49 SC ETV in Spartanburg SC
and the Media Group of the Boiling Springs SC High School Class of 97.
We would like to thank everybody for their help and involvement !

     Any help in getting this important PSA "On Air" is greatly appreciated!!
Please check back here frequently, since we will be adding new links regularly !

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