Julian's Page

It has been many years, Julian !

But we still love and miss you very much !
Time unfortunately does Not heal all wounds !   

This page was created in memory of our son Julian
October 04, 1990  -  August 22, 1994

Julian was almost 4 years old the day he died. He was an adventurous little boy who wanted to explore his world. He was a very sweet, loving and happy child that enjoyed playing, singing and all kinds of things that kids like to do.
  His special love though were

the elephants !
From early age on he wanted to collect everything that had to do with elephants, and the whole family got involved in the search for anything that displayed an elephant.
We have T-shirts and picture books and videos and hats and anything you can imagine with an elephant, stuffed elephant's and concrete ones and onyx and plastic !
Julian died on a mild summer afternoon after he locked himself into a parked car in the neighborhood and nobody saw him there until it was too late and he had suffered a heat stroke - no one had suspected a parked car as being a danger !
Here is a poem that his mom wrote inspired by him :


Your presence was like a summer breeze,
lite and swift.
You took me by your hand
to guide me and show me a wonderful land.
The land of Unconditional Love.
Even though you were still small,
you gave the greatest gift of all.
Unconditional Love.
Now that you're gone
and I can't touch you anymore,
I feel your presence in my heart.
Because you gave me something beautiful
called Unconditional Love !

Inspired by and in memory of Julian
(c)1996 Birgit Fuchs

Here are some other poems that comforted us after Julian's death

We all know that when a child of yours dies a part of your future dies along with him or her but maybe something positive came out of your tragedy after all ! Julian's death made us aware of the need to warn and educate other parents about the danger of heat for small children, something that seems not to be commonly known by many. We started a foundation in his memory and hope to prevent some tragedies from happening with our work. His life was a gift and inspiration to us and he will live on through our work and memories. If you would like to help our cause or would like to make a donation, please contact us via Email !

If you recently suffered the loss of a child or other loved one, please know that there are many others like you who may be able to help you, like you may be able to help them by sharing your loved ones life story !


For bereaved parents, we found a lot of support and help at our local chapter of the

Compassionate Friends

but there are other organizations in many towns that provide similar services and can help you deal with that tragic situation a little better by supporting you and listening to you !




Thank you for visiting Julian's Page, our love and prayers are with you !

Special thanks to Kitty Roach (c) for the elephant graphic

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